Vol 18, No 2

Optical and near-infrared photometric study of NGC 6724

Reda Bendary, Ashraf Tadross, Priya Hasan, Anas Osman, Ahmed Essam


Abstract BVRI CCD photometry of the poorly studied open cluster NGC 6724 has been carried out down to a limiting magnitude of V ∼20 mag. The stars of the cluster have been observed using the Newtonian focus (f/4.84) of the 74-inch telescope at Kottamia Astronomical Observatory in Egypt. Also, the 2MASS - JHK system is used to confirm the results we obtained. The main photometric parameters have been estimated for the present object; the diameter is found to be 6 arcmin, the distance is 1530±60 pc from the Sun and the age is 900±50 Myr. The optical reddening E(B − V) = 0.65 mag, while the infrared reddening is E(J − H) = 0.20 mag. The slope of the mass function distribution and the relaxation time estimations indicate that cluster NGC 6724 is dynamically relaxed.


Keywords Milky Way — open clusters and associations: individual (NGC 6724) — optical photom- etry — IR photometry — color-magnitude diagrams

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