Vol 18, No 12

Variable stars in M37

Ajaz Ahmad Dar, Padmakar Singh Parihar, Parvej Saleh, Manzoor Ahmad Malik


Abstract The CCD photometric observations of open star cluster M37 (NGC 2099) were carried out up to a limiting magnitude of V ∼ 20 in both B and V filters to search for variable stars using a 2k×4k CCD and the 1.3 m telescope at the Vainu Bapu Observatory, Kavalur. A total of 314 stars were in the first observing run, out of which 60 were identified as variables. Eight out of the identified 60 variables are classified as W UMa binary stars. For model fitting, we used PHOEBE based on the W-D code to estimate the physical parameters of these newly detected W UMa binaries that theoretically best match the observed light curves.


Keywords techniques: photometric — astronomical instrumentation — methods and techniques — astrometry and celestial mechanics — (stars:) binaries: eclipsing

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