Vol 18, No 10

A stable flat universe with variable cosmological constant in f (R, T) gravity

Nasr Ahmed, Sultan Alamri


In this paper, a general FRW cosmological model has been constructed in f(R,T) gravity reconstruction with variable cosmological constant. A number of solutions to the field equations has been generated by utilizing a form for the Hubble parameter that leads to Berman’s law of constant deceleration parameter q=m−1. The possible decelerating and accelerating solutions have been investigated. For (q>0) we get a stable flat decelerating radiation-dominated universe at q=1. For (q<0) we get a stable accelerating solution describing a flat universe with positive energy density and negative cosmological constant. Nonconventional mechanisms that are expected to address the late-time acceleration with negative cosmological constant have been discussed.


modified gravity — cosmology — deceleration parameter

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