Vol 17, No 9

Supernova neutrinos in a strangeon star model

Mao Yuan, Ji-Guang Lu, Zhi-Liang Yang, Xiao-Yu Lai, Ren-Xin Xu


Abstract The neutrino burst detected during supernova SN 1987A is explained in a strangeon star model, in which it is proposed that a pulsar-like compact object is composed of strangeons (strangeon: an abbreviation for “strange nucleon”). A nascent strangeon star’s initial internal energy is calculated, with the inclusion of pion excitation (energy around 1053 erg, comparable to the gravitational binding energy of a collapsed core). A liquid-solid phase transition at temperature ~1 − 2 MeV may occur only a few tens of seconds after core collapse, and the thermal evolution of a strangeon star is then modeled. It is found that the neutrino burst observed from SN 1987A can be reproduced in such a cooling model.


Keywords stars: neutron — supernovae: individual (SN 1987A) — neutrinos

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