Vol 17, No 9

Joint fit of Warm Absorbers in COS and HETG spectra of NGC 3783

Xiao-Dan Fu, Shui-Nai Zhang, Wei Sun, Shu Niu, Li Ji


Abstract Warm Absorbers (WAs), as an important form of AGN outflows, show absorption in both the UV and X-ray bands. Using XSTAR generated photoionization models, for the first time we present a joint fit to the simultaneous observations of HST/COS and Chandra/HETG on NGC 3783. A total of five WAs explain well all absorption features from the AGN outflows, which are spread over a wide range of parameters: ionization parameter logξ from 0.6 to 3.8, column density logNH from 19.5 to 22.3 cm−2, velocity v from 380 to 1060 km s−1, and covering factor from 0.33 to 0.75. Not all the five Was are consistent in pressure. Two of them are likely different parts of the same absorbing gas, and two of the other WAs may be smaller discrete clouds that are blown out from the inner region of the torus at different periods. The five WAs suggest a total mass outflowing rate within the range of 0.22–4.1 solar mass per year.


Keywords galaxies: individual (NGC 3783) — quasars: absorption lines — ultraviolet: galaxies — X-ray: galaxies

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