Vol 17, No 9

Frequency drift rate of solar decameter “drift pair” bursts

Aleksander Stanislavsky, Aleksander Konovalenko, Yaroslav Volvach


Abstract This paper deals with the detailed analysis of frequency drift rates of solar “drift pair” (DP) bursts observed from 2015 July 10 to 12 during a type III burst storm. The observations were conducted by the UTR-2 radio telescope at 9–33 MHz with high frequency and time resolution. DPs were recorded drifting from higher to lower frequencies (forward DPs) as well as from lower to higher ones (reverse DPs). Patterns on their dynamic spectrum had various inclines and occupied different bandwidths. The frequency drift rate versus frequency dependence of these bursts has been studied. The fitting model to describe the peak evolution of these bursts in the frequency-time plane is presented. The relationship between DPs and type III solar bursts is discussed.


Keywords Sun: corona — Sun: radio radiation — methods: observational — techniques: spectroscopic

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