Vol 17, No 7

The intrinsic γ-ray emissions of Fermi blazars

Chao Lin, Jun-Hui Fan, Hu-Bing Xiao


Abstract The beaming effect is important for understanding the observational properties of blazars. In this work, we collect 91 Fermi blazars with available radio Doppler factors. γ-ray Doppler factors are estimated and compared with radio Doppler factors for some sources. The intrinsic (de-beamed) γ-ray flux density (\(f_γ^{\rm in}\)), intrinsic γ-ray luminosity (\(L^{\rm in}_γ\)) and intrinsic synchrotron peak frequency (\(ν_{\rm p}^{\rm in}\)) are calculated. Then we study the correlations between \(f_γ^{\rm in}\) and redshift and find that they follow the theoretical relation: log f = −2.0 log z + const. When the subclasses are considered, we find that stationary jets are perhaps dominant in low synchrotron peaked blazars. Sixty-three Fermi blazars with both available short variability time scales (∆T) and Doppler factors are also collected. We find that the intrinsic relationship between \(L^{\rm in}_γ\) and \(\Delta T^{\rm in}\) obeys the Elliot & Shapiro and Abramowicz & Nobili relations. Strong positive correlation between \(f_γ^{\rm in}\) and \(ν_{\rm p}^{\rm in}\) is found, suggesting that synchrotron emissions are highly correlated with γ-ray emissions.


Keywords galaxies: active — BL Lacertae objects: general — gamma-rays: galaxies

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