Vol 17, No 7

HI emission from the red giant Y CVn with the VLA and FAST

Hoai T. Do, Nhung T. Pham, Lynn D. Matthews, Eric Gérard, Thibaut Le Bertre


Abstract Imaging studies with the Very Large Array (VLA) have revealed H I emission associated with the extended circumstellar shells of red giants. We analyze the spectral map obtained on Y CVn, a J-type carbon star on the Asymptotic Giant Branch. The H I line profiles can be interpreted with a model of a detached shell resulting from the interaction of a stellar outflow with the local interstellar medium. We reproduce the spectral map by introducing a distortion along a direction corresponding to the star’s motion in space. We then use this fitting to simulate observations expected from the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), and discuss its potential for improving our description of the outer regions of circumstellar shells.


Keywords stars: AGB and post-AGB — stars: carbon — stars: individual: Y CVn — radio lines: stars

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