Vol 17, No 7

Powerful CMD: a tool for color-magnitude diagram studies

Zhong-Mu Li, Cai-Yan Mao, Qi-Ping Luo, Zhou Fan, Wen-Chang Zhao, Li Chen, Ru-Xi Li, Jian-Po Guo


Abstract We present a new tool for color-magnitude diagram (CMD) studies, Powerful CMD. This tool is built based on the advanced stellar population synthesis (ASPS) model, in which single stars, binary stars, rotating stars and star formation history have been taken into account. Via Powerful CMD, the distance modulus, color excess, metallicity, age, binary fraction, rotating star fraction and star formation history of star clusters can be determined simultaneously from observed CMDs. The new tool is tested via both simulated and real star clusters. Five parameters of clusters NGC 6362, NGC 6652, NGC 6838 and M67 are determined and compared to other works. It is shown that this tool is useful for CMD studies, in particular for those utilizing data from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Moreover, we find that inclusion of binaries in theoretical stellar population models may lead to smaller color excess compared to the case of single-star population models.


Keywords (stars:) Hertzsprung-Russell and C-M diagrams — (Galaxy:) globular clusters: general — galaxies: clusters: general

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