Vol 17, No 7

Identification of candidate millisecond pulsars from Fermi LAT observations II

Xue-Jie Dai, Zhong-Xiang Wang, Jithesh Vadakkumthani, Yi Xing


Abstract On the basis of the properties of known γ-ray millisecond pulsars (MSPs), we have selected 77 un-associated sources from the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) third source catalog for the purpose of finding likely candidate MSPs. Previously, detailed LAT data analysis for 39 of them was reported, and here we report the analysis for the remaining 38 sources. We identify that among the 38 sources, 28 of them are single point-like sources with clean background and their spectra show significant curvature. We also conduct an analysis of archival X-ray data available for 24 of the 28 sources. In the fields of 10 sources, there is at least one X-ray object, and in those of the other 14 sources, no X-ray object is detected but this is probably due to the X-ray observations being short. We discuss the possible MSP nature for these sources. Six of them (J0514.6−4406, J1035.7−6720, J1624.2−4041, J1744.1−7619, J1946.4−5403 and J2039.6−5618) are most likely associated with pulsars because of multi-wavelength identifications including direct radio or γ-ray detection of pulsations. To firmly establish the associations or verify the MSP nature for other sources, deep X-ray and/or optical observations are needed.


Keywords stars: pulsars — stars: binaries — gamma rays: stars

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