Vol 17, No 7

Optical fiber positioning based on four-quadrant detector with Gaussian fitting method

Jin-Sheng Liu, Hua Zou, Mei-Ling Zhang, Lin-Zheng Wang


Abstract With the development of large-scale spectral surveys, fiber positioning technology has been developing rapidly. Because of the performance advantages of a four-quadrant (4Q) detector, a fiber positioning and real-time monitoring system based on the 4Q detector is proposed. The detection accuracy of this system is directly determined by the precision of the center of the spot. A Gaussian fitting algorithm based on the 4Q detector is studied and applied in the fiber positioning process to improve the calculated accuracy of the spot center. The relationship between the center position of the incident spot and the detector output signal is deduced. An experimental platform is built to complete the simulated experiment. Then we use the Gaussian fitting method to process experimental data, compare the fitting value with the theoretical one and calculate the corresponding error.


Keywords instrumentation: detectors — methods: data analysis — techniques: imaging spectroscopy — telescopes

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