Vol 17, No 4

Hα profile variations in the spectrum of the supergiant HD14134

Yanosh Mahmud Maharramov, Gunel Jahangirova


Abstract Variations of the Hα line in the spectra of the star HD14134 are investigated using observations carried out in 2013–2014 and in 2016 with the 2-m telescope at Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory. In the spectra of this star, the absorption and emission components of Hα are found to disappear and an inverse P Cyg profile of Hα is seen on some observational epochs. Our observations showed that when the Hα line disappeared or an inversion of the P-Cyg-type profile is observed in the spectra, the Hβ line is redshifted. When these events appeared, no synchronous variabilities were observed in the spectral parameters of other spectral lines formed in deeper atmospheric layers. In addition, the structures of Hα, CII (6578.05 Å, 6582.88 Å), SiII (6347.1 Å, 6371.36 Å) and Hβ lines are variable on a timescale of hours, but we did not detect significant variations in the other photospheric lines, as well as in the HeI (5875.72 Å) line. It is suggested that observational evidence for the non-stationary atmosphere of HD14134 can be associated in part with non-spherical stellar wind.


Keywords star: HD14134 — supergiant — wind — outflow

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