Vol 17, No 2

Long-term photometric behavior of the PMS stars V977 Cep and V982 Cep in the vicinity of NGC 7129

Sunay Ibryamov, Evgeni Semkov, Teodor Milanov, Stoyanka Peneva


Abstract Long-term BV RI photometric light curves of the pre-main sequence stars V977 Cep and V982 Cep during the period from 2000 October to 2016 August are presented. The stars are located in the vicinity of the reflection nebula NGC 7129. Our photometric data show that both stars exhibit strong photometric variability in all optical passbands, which is typical for Classical T Tauri stars. Using our observational data we analyze the reasons for the observed brightness variations. In the case of V977 Cep we identify previously unknown periodicity in its light curve.


Keywords stars: pre-main sequence — variables: T Tauri — stars: individual (V977 Cep, V982 Cep)

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