Vol 17, No 10

Strongly screened electron capture rates of chromium isotopes in presupernova evolution

Jing-Jing Liu, Qiu-He Peng, Liang-Huan Hao, Xiao-Ping Kang, Dong-Mei Liu


Abstract Taking into account the effect of electron screening on electron energy and electron capture threshold energy, by using the method of Shell-Model Monte Carlo and random phase approximation theory, we investigate the capture rates of chromium isotopes with strong electron screening according to the linear response theory screening model. Strong screening rates can decrease by about 40.43% (e.g., for 60Cr at T9 = 3.44, Ye = 0.43). Our conclusions may be helpful to researches on supernova explosions and related numerical simulation methods.


Keywords nuclear reactions — electron capture — supernovae

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