Vol 16, No 9

On the possible wind nebula of magnetar Swift J1834.9−0846: a magnetism-powered synchrotron nebula

Hao Tong


Abstract Recently, the magnetar Swift J1834.9−0846 has been reported to have a possible wind nebula. It is shown that both the magnetar and its wind nebula are understandable in the wind braking scenario. The magnetar’s rotational energy loss rate is not enough to power the particle luminosity. The required particle luminosity should be about 1036 erg s−1 to 1038 erg s−1 . It is obtained in three different approaches: considering wind braking of Swift J1834.9−0846; the spectral and spatial observations of the wind nebula; and an empirical upper bound on wind nebula X-ray luminosity. The nebula magnetic field is about 10−4 G. The possible wind nebula of Swift J1834.9−0846 should be a magnetar wind nebula. It is powered by the magnetic energy released from the magnetar.


Keywords pulsars: individual (Swift J1834.9−0846) — stars: magnetars — stars: neutron — winds and outflows

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