Vol 16, No 9

Study of photometric phase curve with new brightness model: Refining phase function system parameters of asteroid (107) Camilla.

Yi-Bo Wang, Xiao-Bin Wang, Ao Wang


Abstract We characterize the morphology of the photometric phase curve model of an asteroid with a three-parameter magnitude phase function H − G1 − G2 system by considering the effect of brightness variation arising from a triaxial ellipsoid representing the asteroid’s shape. Applying this new model and a Markov Chain Monte Carlo method, we refine the photometric phase curve of asteroid (107) Camilla and obtain its absolute magnitude H = 7.026+0.052−0.054 mag, and phase function parameters G1 = 0.489+0.043−0.044 and G2 = 0.259+0.023−0.023. Meanwhile, we also determine (107) Camilla’s orientation of pole (, ) with rotational period of 4.843928+0.000001−0.000001 h, and axial ratios a/b = 1.409+0.020−0.020 and b/c = 1.249+0.063−0.060. Furthermore, according to the values of phase function parameters G1 and G2, we infer that asteroid (107) Camilla is an X-type asteroid.


Keywords minor planets, asteroids: general: phase curve — minor planets, asteroids: individual: (107) Camilla — techniques: photometric

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