Vol 16, No 9

Magnetic cycles of Sun-like stars with different levels of coronal and chromospheric activity — comparison with the Sun

Elena Bruevich, Vasily Bruevich, Elena Shimanovskaya


Abstract The atmospheric activity of the Sun and Sun-like stars is analyzed involving observations from the HK-project at the Mount Wilson Observatory, the California and Carnegie Planet Search Program at the Keck and Lick Observatories and the Magellan Planet Search Program at the Las Campanas Observatory. We show that for stars of F, G and K spectral classes, the cyclic activity, similar to the 11-yr solar cycle, is different: it becomes more prominent in K-stars. Comparative study of Sun-like stars with different levels of chromospheric and coronal activity confirms that the Sun belongs to stars with a low level of chromospheric activity and stands apart among these stars by its minimum level of coronal radiation and minimum level of variations in photospheric flux.


Keywords Sun: activity — Sun-like stars: activity

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