Vol 16, No 5

A fast Stokes inversion technique based on quadratic regression

Fei Teng, Yuan-Yong Deng


Abstract Stokes inversion calculation is a key process in resolving polarization information on radiation from the Sun and obtaining the associated vector magnetic fields. Even in the cases of simple local thermo-dynamic equilibrium (LTE) and where the Milne-Eddington approximation is valid, the inversion problem may not be easy to solve. The initial values for the iterations are important in handling the case with multiple minima. In this paper, we develop a fast inversion technique without iterations. The time taken for computation is only 1/100 the time that the iterative algorithm takes. In addition, it can provide available initial values even in cases with lower spectral resolutions. This strategy is useful for a filter-type Stokes spectrograph, such as SDO/HMI and the developed two-dimensional real-time spectrograph (2DS).


Keywords un: magnetic fields — methods: statistical — methods: data analysis — techniques: polari- metric

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