Vol 16, No 4

An investigation of collisions between fiber positioning units in LAMOST

Xiao-Jie Liu, Gang Wang


Abstract The arrangement of fiber positioning units in the LAMOST focal plane may lead to collisions during the fiber allocation process. To avoid these collisions, a software-based protection system has to abandon some targets located in the overlapping field of adjacent fiber units. In this paper, we first analyze the probability of collisions between fibers and infer their possible reasons. It is useful to solve the problem of collisions among fiber positioning units so as to improve the efficiency of LAMOST. Based on this, a collision handling system is designed by using a master-slave control structure between the micro control unit and microcomputer. Simulated experiments validate that the system can provide real-time inspection and swap information between the fiber unit controllers and the main controller.


Keywords methods: statistical — telescopes — instrumentation: detectors — methods: data analysis — methods: observational

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