Vol 16, No 2

Dense molecular gas tracers in high mass star formation regions

Hong-Jun Ma, Yu Gao, Jing-Wen Wu


Abstract We report the FCRAO observations that mapped HCN (1–0), CS (2–1), HNC (1–0) and HCO+ (1–0) in ten high-mass star forming cores associated with water masers. We present velocity integrated intensity maps of the four lines for these dense cores, compare their line profiles, and derive physical properties of these cores. We find that these four tracers identify areas with similar properties in these massive dense cores, and in most cases, the emissions of HCN and HCO+ are stronger than those of HNC and CS. We also use the line ratios of HCO+/HCN, HNC/HCN and HNC/HCO+ as the diagnostics to explore the environment of these high-mass star forming regions, and find that most of the cores agree with the model that photodominated regions dominate the radiation field, except for W44, for which the radiation field is similar to an X-ray dominated region.


Keywords ISM: clouds — ISM: molecules — stars: formation

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