Vol 16, No 11

e-VLBI observations of GRB 080409 afterglow with an Australasian radio telescope network

Aquib Moin, Philip G. Edwards, Steven J. Tingay, Chris J. Phillips, Anastasios T. Tzioumis, Shaun W. Amy, Tao An, Mamoru Sekido, Zhong-Xiang Wang


Abstract Transcontinental e-VLBI observations were conducted in June 2008 with telescopes in Australia, China and Japan. Detections were made of the radio-loud quasar PKS B0727−115, which shows superluminal motion, and the intra-day variable quasar PKS B0524+034. The latter source was used as a phase reference calibrator for observations at the position of the gamma-ray burst GRB 080409, for which an upper limit to the radio emission is set. Australia Telescope Compact Array data were also used to derive a limit on the radio flux density of the GRB afterglow. These observations demonstrate the capability to form a large Australasian radio telescope network for e-VLBI, with data transported and processed in real-time over high capacity networks. This campaign represents the first step towards more regular e-VLBI observations in this region.


Keywords techniques: interferometric — galaxies: active — gamma rays: bursts

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