Vol 16, No 11

Acceleration feedback of a current-following synchronized control algorithm for telescope elevation axis

Tang Tao, Tong Zhang, Jun-Feng Du, Ge Ren, Jing Tian


Abstract This paper proposes a dual-motor configuration to enhance closed-loop performance of a telescope control system. Two identical motors are mounted on each side of a U-type frame to drive the telescope elevation axis instead of a single motor drive, which is usually used in a classical design. This new configuration and mechanism can reduce the motor to half the size used in the former design, and it also provides some other advantages. A master-slave current control mode is employed to synchronize the two motors. Acceleration feedback control is utilized to further enhance the servo performance. Extensive experiments are used to validate the effectiveness of the proposed control algorithm in synchronization, disturbance attenuation and low-velocity tracking.


Keywords telescopes — instrumentation: control method — instrumentation miscellaneous: high angular resolution — instrumentation: detector — control software

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