Vol 16, No 11

Damped large amplitude oscillations in a solar prominence and a bundle of coronal loops

Quan-Hao Zhang, Yu-Ming Wang, Rui Liu, Cheng-Long Shen, Min Zhang, Ting-Yu Gou, Jia-Jia Liu, Kai Liu, Zhen-Jun Zhou, Shui Wang


Abstract We investigate the evolutions of two prominences (P1, P2) and two bundles of coronal loops (L1, L2), observed with SDO/AIA near the east solar limb on 2012 September 22. It is found that there were large-amplitude oscillations in P1 and L1 but no detectable motions in P2 and L2. These transverse oscillations were triggered by a large-scale coronal wave, originating from a large flare in a remote active region behind the solar limb. By carefully comparing the locations and heights of these oscillating and non-oscillating structures, we conclude that the propagating height of the wave is between 50 Mm and 130 Mm. The wave energy deposited in the oscillating prominence and coronal loops is at least of the order of 10 28 erg. Furthermore, local magnetic field strength and Alfvén speeds are derived from the oscillating periods and damping time scales, which are extracted from the time series of the oscillations. It is demonstrated that oscillations can be used in not only coronal seismology, but also to reveal the properties of the wave.


Keywords Sun: filaments, prominences — Sun: flares — Sun: oscillations — waves

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