Vol 16, No 10

Wide-bandwidth drift-scan pulsar surveys of globular clusters: application to early science observations with FAST

Lei Zhang, George Hobbs, Di Li, Duncan Lorimer, Jie Zhang, Meng Yu, You-Ling Yue, Pei Wang, Zhi-Chen Pan, Shi Dai


Abstract The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) will begin its early-science operations during 2016. Drift-scan pulsar surveys will be carried out during this period using an ultra-wide-band receiver system (covering ~ 270 to 1620 MHz). We describe a method for accounting for the changes in the telescope beam shape and the pulsar parameters when searching for pulsars over such a wide bandwidth. We applied this method to simulated data sets of pulsars in globular clusters that are visible to FAST and found that a representative observation would have a sensitivity of ~40 μJy. Our results showed that a single drift-scan (lasting less than a minute) is likely to find at least one pulsar for observations of four globular clusters. Repeated observations will increase the likely number of detections. We found that pulsars in ~16 clusters are likely to be found if the data from 100 drift-scan observations of each cluster are incoherently combined.


Keywords pulsars — drift-scan pulsar surveys — globular clusters

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