Vol 16, No 10

The γ-ray emission produced by protons that escape from supernova remnant G349.7+0.2

Xiao Zhang, Hui Li, Yang Chen


Abstract G349.7+0.2 is an interacting supernova remnant (SNR) expanding in a dense medium. Recently, a very strong γ-ray source coincident with this SNR has been revealed by Fermi-LAT and H.E.S.S. observations which shows a broken power-law-like spectrum. An escaping-diffusion model, including the power-law and δ-function injection, is applied to this source which can naturally explain the spectral feature in both the GeV and TeV regime. We use the Markov Chain Monte Carlo method to constrain the model parameters and find that the correction factor of slow diffusion around this SNR, χ ∼ 0.01 for power-law injection and χ ~ 0.1 for δ-function injection, can fit the data best with reasonable molecular cloud mass. This slow diffusion is also consistent with previous results from both phenomenological models and theoretical predication.


Keywords radiation mechanisms: non-thermal — ISM: individual objects (G349.7+0.2) — ISM: super- nova remnants — gamma-rays: ISM

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