Vol 14, No 9

The lower limit of the Doppler factor for a Fermi blazar sample

Jun-Hui Fan, Denis Bastieri, Jiang-He Yang, Yi Liu, Tong-Xu Hua, Yu-Hai Yuan, De-Xiang Wu


Abstract We selected 457 blazars (193 flat spectrum radio quasars, 61 low-synchrotron peaked blazars, 69 intermediate-synchrotron peaked blazars and 134 high-synchrotron peaked blazars) from the second Fermi-LAT catalog (2FGL) of γ-ray sources, which have X-ray observations. We calculated the lower limits for their Doppler factors, δγ, and compared the lower limits with the available Doppler factors and the apparent superluminal velocities in the literature.


Keywords galaxies: BL Lacertae objects — galaxies: quasars — galaxies: jets — gamma-rays: galaxies

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