Vol 14, No 9

Photometric study of an eclipsing binary in the field of M37

Devarapalli Shanti Priya, Kandulapati Sriram, Pasagada Vivekananda Rao


Abstract CCD photometric observations with B and V passbands were performed on the contact binary V3 in the field of open cluster M37. The solutions were obtained for data from both B and V passbands along with R passband given by Hartman et al. using the Wilson-Devinney code. The positive O’Connell effect was observed in all the three passbands and its associated cool spot parameters were derived. The results indicate that the spot parameters have not shown any significant variability during the last four years. The spot radius was found to be 40° and located close to the equator of the secondary component. The absolute parameters of the system were derived using the empirical relations given by Gazeas et al.


Keywords binaries: eclipsing — binaries: close

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