Mini-Volume: Solar radiophysics – Recent Results on Observations and Theories

Numerical simulations for MHD coronal seismology

David James Pascoe


Abstract Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) processes are important for the transfer of energy over large scales in plasmas and so are essential to understanding most forms of dynamical activity in the solar atmosphere. The introduction of transverse structuring into models for the corona modifies the behavior of MHD waves through processes such as dispersion and mode coupling. Exploiting our understanding of MHD waves with the diagnostic tool of coronal seismology relies upon the development of sufficiently detailed models to account for all the features in observations. The development of realistic models appropriate for highly structured and dynamical plasmas is often beyond the domain of simple mathematical analysis and so numerical methods are employed. This paper reviews recent numerical results for seismology of the solar corona using MHD.


Keywords MHD — methods: numerical — Sun: corona — Sun: magnetic fields — Sun: oscillations — waves

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