Mini-Volume: Solar radiophysics – Recent Results on Observations and Theories

Radio observations of the fine structure inside the post-CME current sheet

Guan-Nan Gao, Min Wang, Jun Lin, Ning Wu, Cheng-Ming Tan, Berhard Kliem, Yang Su


Abstract A solar radio burst was observed in a coronal mass ejection/flare event by the Solar Broadband Radio Spectrometer at the Huairou Solar Observing Station on 2004 December 1. The data exhibited various patterns of plasma motions, suggestive of the interaction between sunward moving plasmoids and the flare loop system during the impulsive phase of the event. In addition to the radio data, the associated white-light, Hα, extreme ultraviolet light, and soft and hard X-rays were also studied.


Keywords Sun: coronal mass ejections (CMEs)— Sun: flares — Sun: solar radio bursts — Sun: magnetic reconnection

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