Mini-Volume: Solar radiophysics – Recent Results on Observations and Theories

Numerical simulations of three-dimensional magnetic swirls in a solar flux-tube

Piotr Chmielewski, Krzysztof Murawski, Alexandr A. Solov'ev


Abstract We aim to numerically study evolution of Alfvén waves that accompany short-lasting swirl events in a solar magnetic flux-tube that can be a simple model of a magnetic pore or a sunspot. With the use of the FLASH code we numerically solve three-dimensional ideal magnetohydrodynamic equations to simulate twists which are implemented at the top of the photosphere in magnetic field lines of the flux-tube. Our numerical results exhibit swirl events and Alfvén waves with associated clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of magnetic lines, with the largest values of vorticity at the bottom of the chromosphere, and a certain amount of energy flux.


Keywords MHD — Sun: magnetic fields — Alfvén waves propagation

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