Vol 14, No 5

The environmental dependence of different colors in the CMASS sample of the SDSS DR9

Xin-Fa Deng


Abstract I investigate the environmental dependence of galaxy colors in the CMASS sample of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 9 (SDSS DR9). To decrease the radial selection effect, I divide the CMASS sample into subsamples with a redshift binning size of ∆z = 0.01 and analyze the environmental dependence of the u − r, u − g, g − r, r − i and i − z colors for these subsamples in each redshift bin. Statistical analysis shows that all five colors weakly correlate with the local environment, which may mean that the environmental processes responsible for a galaxy’s properties proceed slowly over cosmic time.


Keywords galaxies: fundamental parameters — galaxies: statistics

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