Vol 14, No 5

X-ray afterglow of GRB 050712: multiple energy injections into the external shock

Liang-Duan Liu, A-Ming Chen


Abstract As indicated by observed X-ray flares, a great amount of energy can be intermittently released from the postburst central engine of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). As a natural consequence, the GRB’s external shock could be repeatedly energized. With such a multiple energy injection model, we explore the unique X-ray afterglow light curve of GRB 050712, which exhibits four shallow decay plateaus. Together with three early X-ray flares, the central engine of GRB 050712 is believed to have released energy at least seven times after the burst. Furthermore, we find that the energies released during the four plateaus are all on the same order of magnitude, but the luminosity significantly decreased with time. These results may provide some interesting implications for the GRB central engine.


Keywords gamma rays: bursts — individual: GRB 050712

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