Chang'E 3 Special Issue

Data preprocessing and preliminary results of the Moon-based Ultraviolet Telescope on the CE-3 Lander

Wei-Bin Wen, Fang Wang, Chun-Lai Li, Jing Wang, Li Cao, Jian-Jun Liu, Xu Tan, Yuan Xiao, Qiang Fu, Yan Su, Wei Zuo


Abstract The Moon-based Ultraviolet Telescope (MUVT) is one of the payloads on the Chang’e-3 (CE-3) lunar lander. Because of the advantages of having no atmospheric disturbances and the slow rotation of the Moon, we can make long-term continuous observations of a series of important celestial objects in the near ultraviolet band (245~340 nm), and perform a sky survey of selected areas, which cannot be completed on Earth. We can find characteristic changes in celestial brightness with time by analyzing image data from the MUVT, and deduce the radiation mechanism and physical properties of these celestial objects after comparing with a physical model. In order to explain the scientific purposes of MUVT, this article analyzes the preprocessing of MUVT image data and makes a preliminary evaluation of data quality. The results demonstrate that the methods used for data collection and preprocessing are effective, and the Level 2A and 2B image data satisfy the requirements of follow-up scientific researches.


Keywords Chang’e-3 mission — the Moon-based Ultraviolet Telescope — data preprocessing — near ultraviolet band

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