Vol 14, No 11

Disappearance of a coronal hole induced by a filament activation

Lin Ma, Zhong-Quan Qu, Xiao-Li Yan, Zhi-Ke Xue


Abstract We present a rare observation of direct magnetic interaction between an activating filament and a coronal hole (CH). The filament was a quiescent one located at the northwest of the CH. It underwent a nonradial activation, during which filament material constantly fell and intruded into the CH. As a result, the CH was clearly destroyed by the intrusion. Brightenings appeared at the boundaries and in the interior of the CH, meanwhile, its west boundaries began to retreat and the area gradually shrank. It is noted that the CH went on shrinking after the end of the intrusion and finally disappeared entirely. Following the filament activation, three coronal dimmings (D1–D3) were formed, among which D1 and D2 persisted throughout the complete disappearance of the CH. The derived coronal magnetic configuration shows that the filament was located below an extended loop system, which obviously linked D1 to D2. By extrapolating this result, our observations imply that the interaction between the filament and the CH involved direct intrusion of the filament material to the CH and the disappearance of the CH might be due to interchange reconnection between the expanding loop system and the CH’s open field.


Keywords Sun: activity — Sun: filaments — Sun: magnetic fields — Sun: evolution

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