Vol 14, No 1

Evolution of filamentary molecular clouds in the presence of magnetic fields

Alireza Khesali, Khodadad Kokabi, Kazem Faghei, Mohsen Nejad-Asghar


Abstract The purpose of this paper is to explore the effect of magnetic fields on the dynamics of magnetized filamentary molecular clouds. We suppose there is a filament with cylindrical symmetry and two components of axial and toroidal magnetic fields. In comparison to previous works, the novelty in the present work involves a similarity solution that does not define a function of the magnetic fields or density. We consider the effect of the magnetic field on the collapse of the filament in both axial and toroidal directions and show that the magnetic field has a braking effect, which means that the increasing intensity of the magnetic field reduces the velocity of collapse. This is consistent with other studies. We find that the magnetic field in the central region tends to be aligned with the filament axis. Also, the magnitude and the direction of the magnetic field depend on the magnitude and direction of the initial magnetic field in the outer region. Moreover, we show that more energy dissipation from the filament causes a rise in the infall velocity.


Keywords ISM: clouds — ISM: magnetic fields

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