Vol 13, No 4

Multi-wavelength emission from 3C 66A: clues to its redshift and gamma-ray emission location

Da-Hai Yan, Zhong-Hui Fan, Yao Zhou, Ben-Zhong Dai


Abstract The quasi-simultaneous multi-wavelength emission of TeV blazar 3C 66A is studied by using a one-zone multi-component leptonic jet model. It is found that the quasi-simultaneous spectral energy distribution of 3C 66A can be well reproduced; in particular, the first three months of its average Fermi-LAT spectrum can be well reproduced by the synchrotron self-Compton component plus external Compton component of the broad line region (BLR). Clues to its redshift and gamma-ray emission location are obtained. The results indicate the following. (i) On the redshift: The theoretical intrinsic TeV spectra can be predicted by extrapolating the reproduced GeV spectra. Through comparing these extrapolated TeV spectra with the corrected observed TeV spectra from extragalactic background light , it is suggested that the redshift of 3C 66A could be between 0.1 and 0.3, with the most likely value being ~0.2. (ii) On the gamma-ray emission location: To well reproduce the GeV emission of 3C 66A under different assumptions on the BLR, the gamma-ray emission region is always required to be beyond the inner zone of the BLR. The BLR absorption effect on gamma-ray emission confirms this point.


Keywords BL Lacertae objects: individual (3C 66A) — galaxies: active — gamma- rays: theory — radiation mechanisms: non-thermal

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