Twist in a polar blowout jet

Jun-Chao Hong, Yun-Chun Jiang, Jia-Yan Yang, Rui-Sheng Zheng, Yi Bi, Hai-Dong Li, Bo Yang, Da Yang


It is well known that some coronal jets exhibit helical structures and untwisting. We attempt to inspect the origin of twist in a blowout jet. By means of multi-wavelength and multi-angle observations from Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory-Ahead (STEREO-A), we firstly report a polar untwisting jet that is a blowout jet which leads to a jet-like coronal mass ejection. From the viewpoint of SDO, the jet shows clear untwisting behavior and two jet-spires. However, from the viewpoint of STEREO-A the jet actually comes from the whiplike prominence eruption and is followed by a white-light jet. Our observations indicate that twist in blowout jets may result from the erupting mini-prominences/mini-filaments in the jet base.


Sun: corona — Sun: coronal mass ejections — Sun: prominences

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