Vol 13, No 3

The gamma-ray Doppler factor determinations for a Fermi blazar sample

Jun-Hui Fan, Jiang-He Yang, Yi Liu, Jing-Yi Zhang


Observations suggest that γ-ray loud blazars are strongly beamed. The Fermi mission has detected many of blazars, which provide us with a good opportunity to investigate the emission mechanism and the beaming effect in the γ-ray region. We compiled the X-ray observations for 138 Fermi blazars (54 flat spectrum radio quasars, 36 low-peaked BL Lacertae objects, and 48 high-peaked BL Lacertae objects) and calculated their Doppler factors, δγ. It is interesting that the calculated Doppler factors, δγ, are strongly correlated with the γ-ray luminosity.


galaxies: active — galaxies: BL Lacertae objects — galaxies: quasars — galaxies: jets

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