Vol 13, No 3

Data processing and error analysis for the CE-1 Lunar microwave radiometer

Jian-Qing Feng, Yan Su, Jian-Jun Liu, Yong-Liao Zou, Chun-Lai Li


The microwave radiometer (MRM) onboard the Chang’ E-1 (CE-1) lunar orbiter is a 4-frequency microwave radiometer, and it is mainly used to obtain the brightness temperature (TB) of the lunar surface, from which the thickness, temperature, dielectric constant and other related properties of the lunar regolith can be derived. The working mode of the CE-1 MRM, the ground calibration (including the official calibration coefficients), as well as the acquisition and processing of the raw data are introduced. Our data analysis shows that TB increases with increasing frequency, decreases towards the lunar poles and is significantly affected by solar illumination. Our analysis also reveals that the main uncertainty in TB comes from ground calibration.


space vehicles — instruments: microwave radiometer — Moon: bright- ness temperature — method: data processing — error analysis

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