Vol 5, No 6

S1280 and S1284: Two Oscillating Blue Stragglers in the Open Cluster M67

Xiao-Bin Zhang, Rong-Xian Zhang, Zhi-Ping Li


Abstract We present results of a time-series CCD photometry of two blue stragglers in the open cluster M67 that are also oscillating variables, S1280 and S1284. The observations obtained on 11 nights confirmed the δ Scuti-like variability of the two stars. Four and five main pulsating frequencies are detected for S1280 and S1284, respectively, through a power spectral analysis. A preliminary mode identification indicates that the two stars are both in radial oscillation. Based on the nature of oscillation, the physical parameters of the two stars are determined, and their evolutionary status discussed.


Keywords blue straggler --- open cluster: individual (M67) --- stars: oscillation --- stars: individual (S1280, S1284)

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