Vol 5, No 6

Can the bump in the composite spectrum of GRB 910503 be an emission line feature of gamma-ray bursts?

Yi-Ping Qin, Fu-Wen Zhang


Abstract Appearing in the composite spectral data of BATSE, EGRET and COMPTEL for GRB 910503, there is a bump at around 1600 keV. We perform a statistical analysis on the spectral data, trying to find out if the bump could be accounted for by a blue-shifted and significantly broadened rest frame line due to the Doppler effect of an expanding fireball surface. We made an F-test and adopted previously proposed criteria. The study reveals that the criteria are well satisfied and the feature can be interpreted as the blue shifted 6.4 keV line. From the fit with this line taken into account, we find the Lorentz factor of this source to be Γ = 116+9−9 (at the 68% confident level, χ2 = 1) and the rest frame spectral peak energy to be E0,p = 2.96+0.24−0.18 keV. Although the existence of the emission line feature requires other independent tests to confirm, the analysis suggests that it is feasible to detect emission line features in the high energy range of GRB spectra when taking into account the Doppler effect of fireball expansion.


Keywords gamma-rays: bursts --- gamma-rays: theory --- radiation mechanisms: nonthermal --- relativity

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