Vol 5, No 4

The Effect of Method of Constructing the Mass Distribution on Single Stellar Populations

Feng-Hui Zhang, Li-Fang Li, Zhan-Wen Han


Abstract We use two methods of constructing the initial mass distribution, the traditional way and Monte Carlo simulation, to obtain integrated U−B, B−V, V−R and V−I colours and absorption-line indices defined by the Lick Observatory image dissector scanner (referred to as Lick/IDS), for instantaneous burst solar-metallicity single stellar populations with ages in the range 1–15 Gyr. We find that the evolutionary curves of all colours obtained by the traditional method are smoother than those by Monte Carlo simulation, that the U−B and B−V colours obtained by the two methods agree with one another, while the V−R and V−I colours by the traditional method are bluer than those by Monte Carlo simulation. A comparison of the Lick/IDS absorption-line indices shows that the variations in all the indices by the traditional method are smoother than that for the Monte Carlo simulation, and that all the indices except for TiO1 and TiO2 are consistent with those for the Monte Carlo simulation.


Keywords star: evolution --- galaxies: star clusters --- galaxies: stellar content

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