Vol 5, No 4

A Narrow Band Chandra X-ray Analysis of SNR 3C 391

Yang Su, Yang Chen


Abstract We present narrow-band and equivalent width (EW) images of the thermal composite supernova remnant (SNR) 3C 391 in the X-ray emission lines of Mg, Si and S using the Chandra ACIS Observational data. The EW images reveal the spatial distribution of the emission of the metal species Mg, Si and S in the remnant. They have a clumpy structure similar to that seen in the broadband diffuse emission, suggesting that they are largely of interstellar origin. We find an interesting finger-like feature protruding outside the southwestern radio border of the remnant, somewhat similar to the jet-like Si structure found in the famous SNR Cas A. This feature may possibly be the debris of the jet of ejecta from an asymmetrical supernova explosion of a massive progenitor star.


Keywords ISM: supernova remnants --- X-rays: ISM --- X-rays: individual (3C 391) --- ISM: lines and bands

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