Vol 5, No 4

Magneto-induced Line Broadening of Magneto-sensitive Lines in Solar Magnetized Atmospheres

Zhong-Quan Qu, Shuai Wang, Cheng-Lin Xu, Xiao-Yu Zhang, Ming-Guo Sun, Chun-Lan Jin


Abstract We analyze the spectral line broadening of those magneto-sensitive lines in solar magnetized atmospheres. The broadening at the line wings is due to the increase of the effective width of energy levels involved in Zeeman splitting, and the broadening at the line core also originated in Zeeman splitting under the condition that the Zeeman components are mixed. Therefore, the magneto-induced or Zeeman broadening take effects on the whole line. The observed Stokes parameter data in a sunspot and outside it acquired by Solar Stokes Spectrum Telescope (S3T) are analyzed for the demonstration of this mechanism, and the Zeeman broadening rates are calculated for FeI 6302.5 under some assumptions. Our result shows that the broadening is increased as the magnetic field strength becomes stronger, but the rate of increase at the line core is decreased as the field strength increases, while the rate at the wing does not show such an obvious regularity. The broadening is more effective in the line core than in the wings.


Keywords sunspots --- line: profiles-magnetic fields --- radiative transfer-polarization

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