Vol 5, No 4

A New Solar Radio Spectrometer at 1.10–2.06GHz and First Observational Results

Hui-Rong Ji, Qi-Jun Fu, Yi-Hua Yan, Yu-Ying Liu, Zhi-Jun Chen, Cheng-Ming Tan, Cong-Ling Cheng, De-Bang Lao, Shu-Ke Li, Zhi-Qiang Wang, Min-Hong Yu, Jian-Nong Liu, Li-Kang Zhang, Ji-Yong Gao


Abstract An improved Solar Radio Spectrometer working at 1.10–2.06 GHz with much improved spectral and temporal resolution, has been accomplished by the National Astronomical Observatories and Hebei Semiconductor Research Institute, based on an old spectrometer at 1–2 GHz. The new spectrometer has a spectral resolution of 4 MHz and a temporal resolution of 5 ms, with an instantaneous detectable range from 0.02 to 10 times of the quiet Sun flux. It can measure both left and right circular polarization with an accuracy of 10% in degree of polarization. Some results of preliminary observations that could not be recorded by the old spectrometer at 1–2 GHz are presented.


Keywords instrumentation: spectrometer --- sun: radio radiation

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