Vol 5, No 4

ERRATUM: ''Statistics of the Galactic Supernova Remnants'' (ChJAA, 5(2), 165 [2005])

Jian-Wen Xu, Xi-Zhen Zhang, Jin-Lin Han


Abstract We thank Dr. Dave Green (MRAO, UK) for one comment and one identified problem in our paper (ChJAA, 5(2), 165[2005]). The comment is that we did not discuss selection effects of the current sample of supernova remnants, which can be found in Case & Bhattacharya (1998) and Green (2004). The problem is the mis-usage of some SNR distances in Gusienov et al. (2003) and other references which were obtained from the assumed Σ-D relation. We mixed them to other data to derive the SNR diameters and SNR luminosity for statistics. This seriously affects the discussions in Section 3.3 and Figures 3 and 4. We cleaned out the flawed data and revise this part of the paper in the electronic version at http://www.chjaa.org.



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