Vol 5, No 2

A Photometric Study of the W UMa-type Eclipsing Binary System GSC 0445-1993

Yuan-Gui Yang, Sheng-Bang Qian, M. D. Koppelman


Abstract Several new light minimum times for the eclipsing binary GSC 0445–1993 have been determined from the observations by Koppelman et al. and the orbital period of this system was revised. A photometric analysis was carried out using the 2003 version of the Wilson-Devinney code. The results reveal that GSC 0445–1993 is a W-type eclipsing binary with a mass ratio of q = 0.323(±0.002) and an over-contact degree of f = 22.8%(±4.2%). A small temperature difference between the components of ΔT = 135 K and an orbital inclination of i = 65.7°(±0.3°) were obtained. The asymmetry of its light curve (i.e., the O'Connell effect) for this binary star is explained by the presence of a dark spot on the more massive component.


Keywords ISM: clouds --- ISM: individual (L134) --- ISM: molecules --- ISM: extinction

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