Vol 5, No 2

Statistics of Galactic Supernova Remnants

Jian-Wen Xu, Xi-Zhen Zhang, Jin-Lin Han


Abstract We collected the basic parameters of 231 supernova remnants (SNRs) in our Galaxy, namely, distances (d) from the Sun, linear diameters (D), Galactic heights (Z), estimated ages (t), luminosities (L), surface brightness (Σ) and flux densities (S1) at 1-GHz frequency and spectral indices (α). We tried to find possible correlations between these parameters. As expected, the linear diameters were found to increase with ages for the shell-type remnants, and also to have a tendency to increase with the Galactic heights. Both the surface brightness and luminosity of SNRs at 1-GHz tend to decrease with the linear diameter and with age. No other relations between the parameters were found.


Keywords methods: statistical --- (ISM:) supernova remnants

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