Vol 5, No 2

Proton and He2+ Temperature Anisotropies in the Solar Wind Driven by Ion Cyclotron Waves

Quan-Ming Lu, Shui Wang


Abstract We carried out one-dimensional hybrid simulations of resonant scattering of protons and He2+ ions by ion cyclotron waves in an initially homogeneous, collisionless and magnetized plasma. The initial ion cyclotron waves have a power spectrum and propagate both outward and inward. Due to the resonant interaction with the protons and He2+ ions, the wave power will be depleted in the resonance region. Both the protons and He2+ ions can be resonantly heated in the direction perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field and leading to anisotropic velocity distributions, with the anisotropy higher for the He2+ ions than for the protons. At the same time, the anisotropies of the protons and He2+ ions are inversely correlated with the plasma β|| p = 8πnpkBT|| p/B02, consistent with the prediction of the quasilinear theory (QLT).


Keywords solar wind --- plasmas --- waves

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