Vol 5, No 2

DEFPOS and Its First Results

M. Sahan, I. Yegingil, N. Aksaker , Ü. Kiziloglu, M. Akyilmaz


Abstract A spectrometer was built to examine the interstellar medium (ISM) using the hydrogen Balmer α line. It is called Dual Etalon Fabry-Perot Optical Spectrometer (DEFPOS). DEFPOS will be coupled to coudé exit of the 150 cm telescope (RTT150) installed at TÜBITAK National Observatory (TUG). DEFPOS was ready for observations about two years ago, but work was still continuing on the RTT150 coudé exit alignment. So we have started observing HII regions with DEFPOS without the RTT150. We present here some characteristics of the instrument and some of the results obtained.


Keywords ISM: general --- ISM: HII regions --- instrumentation: Interferometers --- techniques: interferometric --- atmospheric effect

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